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Most of the clients we meet feel that they are constantly “putting out small fires”; e-mailing, making phone calls, yet nothing gets done. There is only time to deal with the symptoms of the problems and not enough time to handle the actual causes of the problems.

Reduce stress and getting more done

Our goal is for you to be able to reduce stress while getting more done. Don’t tackle short-term problems, while the long-term problems are building up to a thunder storm. With our help you can see future problems and solve them before they are even created. DevCode gives you an almost supernatural view into the future!

The world is in constant change. The customers have new demands, there are new laws, new mergers and the organization is going through changes. With all the changes at hand the and demands on efficiency, the ability to adapt and make changes to the workflow is crucial, together with motivated coworkers to create added value for the customers. Through continuous, both bigger and smaller, improvements of the process.

Organizations today are based on functions such as accounting, management and marketing. The way it has always been. Around these functions there has emerged a wide range of applications. These applications have often resulted in drastic streamlining of the department or function.

However, applications are usually not able to solve one important piece of the puzzle: how to exchange information between departments and functions, let alone between companies. The answer so far has been e-mails and the number of e-mails has become way too many. E-mail is obviously not the answer to our process challenges!

At DevCode we believe that companies instead should focus on building processes, and this is where we come in. We build formalized, automated flows between companies, departments and functions. We take on a holistic responsibility and drive processes towards a vision of all parts that may be included, both within process development and system development.

We would be happy to come for a visit to discuss your specific needs and to present what we can offer you. We will show you the benefits and efficiencies as well as give you an estimate on how quickly an investment would pay off. Of course, this visit is totally free of charge and it is your choose if you want to proceed or not.

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