What is BPM?

Holistic view of your processes

What is BPM?

With Business Process Management you are able to have a holistic approach to your processes. BPM is about managing and controlling business processes, in other words the information and workflows within the organization. BPM and IT is not necessarily connected, BPM is more a way of conceptualizing and managing the business. How should you be working and what goals do you really want to achieve? By regarding the organization as a line of flows and processes instead of a hierarchical entity made up of people, these questions are more easily answered.

BPM improves business processes

BPM is a systematic way to improve a company’s business processes. A BPM application can for example monitor the host system and see if anything is missing or guide an employee through a troubleshooting when an order hasn’t arrived. It is the first time a technique is used to create continuous cooperation between IT and other activities that together create applications that can integrate people, processes and information in an efficient manner.

A horizontal layer

All organizations are constructed with functions that work vertically. In reality though, the work is actually conducted horizontally. For functions and vendors to be able to communicate and interact with each other, our BPM tool places itself as a layer on top of other systems. This layer provides the support the business needs from a horizontal process perspective (see picture). Our BPM tool erases the lines between support, OLF, affiliates, departments, customers and suppliers.

BPM enables the company to define, execute and adjust its processes

  • Includes interactions between people, such as orders
  • Deals with multiple applications simultaneously
  • Handles process rules and changes dynamically, not only as static flows (e.g. information based on several options and different results).

Obtained by BPM:

  • Automated formalized business processes
  • Measurable processes
  • Manageable processes
  • Control of your processes

Devcode BPM anticipate future problems and solve them before they arise