Payment solution – paymentiq



DevCode is a provider of payment solutions for Electronic commerce and mobile services, with a wide range of effective solutions.

PaymentIQ is one of the payment solutions we work with. PaymentIQ reduces costs for both development and payment processing.

User friendly solution – cost reduction for the company

PaymentIQ is an intelligent payment solution that will reduce development and payment processing costs significantly. With PaymentIQ back office, you quickly get an overview of all payments, regardless of game, country or currency. You are also easily able to track the payments generated by different products.

Cut your consultant costs in half

An integrated solution means less consulting hours. PaymentIQ cuts your costs for consultants and you can radically reduce the costs of payment processing. PaymentIQ allows you to quickly implement new payment solutions without taking down your site.

A solution

PaymentIQ is a payment solution specifically developed to support areas with large transaction volumes. PaymentIQ acts as a central bank with complete transaction management regardless of game or currency. PaymentIQ supports all popular payment methods in Europe for credit cards, electronic wallets and direct payments.

For the gaming industry, this is exemplified by the existing difficulties in switching between different games. This problem disappears with an integrated PaymentIQ-payment solution which makes it easy to change the game. A big advantage for the customers and therefore a great advantage for you.


  • Significantly lower costs for the handling of payment transactions
  • All currencies for all providers
  • Multi-all (payment, brands, products)
  • One-time integration. All popular payment methods in one package.
  • An integrated back-office
  • All popular payment methods in Europe for credit cards, electronic wallets and direct payments
  • Payment options quickly activated in new markets
  • High security, anti-fraud
  • Automatic record management
  • PCI / DSS compliance
  • 3D Secure / SecureCode
  • Redundant / load balanced transactions
  • User friendly

Devcode Payment gives you a complete overview of payment flows