Many benefits with Scala

Scala is an interesting so-called object-oriented functional language that combines the best of object orientation and the functional world. 

One of the many objective benefits of Scala is that the number of programming lines is up to ten times less compared to traditional object-oriented programming languages ​​like Java and C #.

Other advantages are that the language manages concurrent users much better. Many systems currently have difficulties dealing with 10,000 simultaneous users, while a similar program developed in Scala is capable of handling over 100,000. What makes Scala particularly interesting is that the language is fully compatible with Java, and therefore can use all existing code that has been developed in Java and vice versa.

Lower costs, higher quality!

If you choose to develop your system in Scala, we can promise that the development will go faster and with lower costs. By reducing the number of lines of code the quality increases, which has an effect on the maintenance of your future applications.

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